Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Night visitors

Siamese Sidney dropped in the other night around midnight, and all my cats went into panic mode. I called his dad who promptly came over to retrieve big Sid. I'm keeping his phone number on speed dial!Darling but feral Gus, above, has finally started sleeping in a kitty bed. He's getting older (age 6) and spending more nights in the house this winter. I long to run my fingers through his rich fur, but Gus won't let me get within arm's reach.This is one of the possums who eat cat food and hang out in our house at night. In Texas possums seem to be everywhere. I ought to trap/neuter them. They get along fine with cats. But their noisy nocturnal noshing wakes me up.

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jiorji said...

that possum is so cute!

i have a little kitty from downstairs(i named him Patrick after his owner) and he comes visit and eats with us and ...drinks from the dirty dish water. eww. He's an outdoor cat. I can tell that sometimes he wishes he was more on the inside in winter, so i let him stay and snooze on my kitchen floor. My cat used to HATE him, but now she's ok with him. Trouble is, he sprays. It's no fun to watch his every move, but luckily, he mostly sleeps when he visits.