Friday, February 12, 2010


Puppy had his first acupuncture treatment this week. His tooth-extraction surgery was a short-lived success -- it did not cure his stomatitis (painfully infected gums). The fact that he is FIV-positive is the biggest problem, because his immune system is weak. For a few weeks after surgery, Puppy did great -- he ate dry food (possible even without teeth), gained weight, and even played a bit. But the gum ulcers returned, and he's now back on a liquid diet.Puppy is nearly 6 years old, so he's now one of my oldest cats. He's an absolute doll, a pure love. In this photo of strange bedfellows, Puppy is the black shape next to big bossy Natalie.

We'll be doing laser-acupuncture treatments for several weeks. After just one treatment he seems to feel better and more eagerly "drinks" his food. The acupuncture sessions are also mama-puppy love time, because the only way the vet can reach all his body points with the laser "needle" is for me to cuddle purring Puppy in my arms.

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californiablue said...

I really hope the acupuncture continues to help Puppy!