Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Big Al

Alvin gets lots of compliments on his good looks, so I've been trying with little success to get nice close-up portraits of him and his turquoise eyes. Now that I've been photographing his rooftop antics, Alvin's been on the neighbor's roof twice again, purring while I get him down, and more fidgety and playful than ever. Here he is with his best girl Gidget in the "she wants me" pose.


Jake and Micah said...

God do I love Alvin... He is SOOOO handsome! Jonah is hard to photograph too. Add in his crossed eyes and it's doubly difficult!

madison house designs said...

He is a beautiful kitty! I'll be watching for the day he finally poses for you. Mine don't seem to cooperate with me much in that regard either. Sometimes I just get lucky with them. :)