Monday, January 2, 2012

If you knew Suzy

New Year's morning I got up to the sound of water running in the bathroom. Did I leave the bathtub faucet dripping for Alvin to drink? No, it was former feral Suzy peeing in the toilet! She was perched on the seat (like these photos found online), but she jumped down and ran right out of the bathroom.I have never tried to potty-train my kitties, and have never seen them do anything in the toilet but drink. So I consider this a new year's omen of mind-blowing things to come in 2012.
Suzy is a wild-n-crazy girl, full of unexpected comedic turns. This video of Suzy in the yard is accompanied by a 1925 song about her:
Suzy has a perfect reputation
No one ever saw her on a spree
Nobody knows where Suzy goes
Nobody knows but me
If you knew Suzy like I know Suzy
Oh! Oh! Oh, what a girl

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Everycat said...

Suzy is remarkable, I wonder where or how she learned this skill?