Sunday, May 29, 2011

Like Smittysville

My itty bitty kitty, Smitty, has had a busy week. He was rehomed only to bounce right back again. The people who adopted him complained, "he cries too much and scratched our toddler." I was thrilled to hear this, because I didn't feel 100% good about these people when I let them have Smitty. (Below is Smitty with his big buddy Wally.)
Conducting the kitty adoption process totally sucks. I'm ineffective at screening and interviewing people because I'm so emotionally involved. And the field of applicants ain't exactly the prime pickins of cat-oriented humanity. (Below is Smitty with big kitten Sky.)I will keep Smitty on craigslist, however, so that someone remarkable can find him. Smitty absorbs most of my attention, and my older kitties suffer -- they deserve more attention than they get anyway.

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Me2 said...

PLease know you placed "Smitty" into a loving home. The young woman that adopted "Smitty", I know for a fact, is REMARKABLE AND AWESOME. She comes from a long line of cat-loving care-givers. I know because I am her MOM. My home is the Kingdom of three cats: Samantha, Spook and Socks. "Smitty's" new name is Gus Gus and he has a blue point sister named Gwen. We are thrilled to welcome Gus Gus into our family!!! He will be loved and very well cared for by his extended family.