Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moderncat in our garage

I'm so pleased that my scrappy garage shelves caught the eye of Moderncat. Today, with our temperatures in the teens, the garage is occupied only by a few hardcore feral cats, mainly Dutch and Sky, below. (Every other cat has taken cover in the house, where we're stacked on top of each other, bickering over the warmest spots.)Feral kittens Dutch and Sky, above, are sons of tabby Francine, the still-feral sister of my dear departed Pierre. (Yes, I am the worst trapper-neuterer on record, having failed to trap Francine long ago -- she's been trap-shy ever since I caught her accidentally as a kitten while trying to trap her mom.)Above are Sailor and Dutch. Sailor (a boy, a bit older, and still feral) splits his time among indoors, outdoors, and under the house. I so wish Dutch and Sky would come inside, but they go where their mom goes, and even in this weather Francine won't come in the house.