Tuesday, September 28, 2010

All quiet next door

They moved away a month ago -- my cat-loving neighbors Taylor and Hope, ages 9 and 11. Their family left around the same time my feral kittens arrived, so I've been focusing on the kittens instead of missing Hope and Taylor. But I loved those girls.

They had a wacky yet sophisticated sense of humor. They were so tuned in to my cats' personalities, and the cats loved hanging out with the girls. We laughed hard and had such creative fun playing with the kitties during the short year they lived next door.Taylor had a silly compulsion to squeeze into small spaces (above). She insisted on crawling into my oversize cat carrier. She also inserted herself into the rolled-up white plastic sheeting I use as a backdrop for kitty bed photo shoots. She looks like a cigarette.The contrasting expressions (above) of Hope and my cat Daisy are so true to form -- Hope's dear sweetness and Daisy's haughty disdain.

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