Sunday, July 11, 2010

Naming kitty names

I've finally added labels to all my past blog posts -- see list at left. Each kitty's name is now referenced and cross-referenced for your reference. The list is embarrassingly long, but many of these kitties are either infrequent visitors or no longer with us.

In fact, to stay ahead of demand I maintain a list of future kitty names waiting for the right kitty personality to appear and claim them. Here are some names I can't wait to use:Notes on the above:
- When I lived in west Los Angeles, I found that everything had Beverly or Monica in its name. Great sister names.
- Quilty is the Peter Sellers character in Lolita. Ideal for a calico or multipersonality cat.
- Composer Hoagy Carmichael, guitarist Django Reinhardt, choreographer Busby Berkeley, comedian Flip Wilson.
- Minnie (as in Pearl) was my childhood nickname.

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