Saturday, April 24, 2010


The kitties and I are in hyperactive spring mode. Our current projects include tomato plants, metal roofing, and a new rescue kitty.From top:
- Olga assists with tomato planting. The cats adore playing in freshly dug soil, dirt holes, compost, and mulch -- even more so if there's water involved.

- Note the absence of cats on this hot tin roof. While I was installing metal roof panels on this detached garage, Betty Bob climbed up to join me. But neither of us was prepared for the slippery metal surface. I heard a sliding sound behind me and turned around to see a blur of black-and-white spots as Betty slid down and over the edge of the roof! She landed safely on the ground and was not hurt.

- Roger is our newest kitty, a big sweet older neutered fella. I believe he was dumped at my house -- he was found in my garage curled up in a box for the ferals. He's adapting well to his new home, though our bustling kitty population and indoor-outdoor lifestyle seem exotic to him.

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