Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Queen Olga is displeased

The dreaded Elizabethan collar! Olga has an abscess on her side (a common ailment with us, the result of cat bites) which hasn't healed due to her constant licking, so we had to resort to extreme measures.It's unusually cruel for Olga to have to go through this, because she has worked so hard in the last year to transform herself from feral to darling love cat. Her determination and progress have been amazing. She has forced herself to overcome fear and pursue the human attention she craves. She rubs uninhibitedly on the legs of every person who visits. She prances into my lap and chats and purrs ebulliently. She sometimes sleeps with me, cuddling by my shoulder.Olga has tried to cut the apron strings from her grown son Jesse (above), but he's devoted to his mama and still follows her around. I think Jesse is gorgeous, but he has little interest in my affection.


madison house designs said...

Aww, poor Olga... Hopefully she heals up quickly now.

I just love your blog! I never grow tired of reading about your kitties and looking at them. They're all so beautiful! :)

jiorji said...

haha she looks like my little tabby.
Speedy recovery little Olga!