Friday, March 12, 2010

Pain-free Puppy

Acupuncture works! It was just a shot in the dark, and Puppy was desperate for relief. But not only has acupuncture removed his mouth pain, it also seems to have healed his chronic gum infections (stomatitis) that returned even after full tooth-extraction surgery.After just two laser-acupuncture treatments, Puppy is off his liquid diet, pigging out on his beloved dry cat food (it's possible without teeth), and acting happier and more energetic than ever. This makes me want to get back on the acupuncture table myself -- I want to feel like Puppy does!


ArtTales said...

That is great news!

californiablue said...

I'm so happy to hear this news! I really think acupuncture and other holistic methods do work. I hope Puppy continues to feel better each day.