Friday, January 29, 2010

Homer at play

Kitten Homer has been working overtime to help heal my grief over Pierre. Homer plays with my hair so that it feels like a scalp massage. He romps under the covers with me all night. He even jumps into my lap when I pat my legs!Pierre was never this touchy or lovey with me. But Homer was this lovey with Pierre. Homer would walk close to Pierre, rubbing against him. Homer would jump into Pierre's kitty bed with him, starting a round of wrestling. Homer even tried to nurse Pierre's belly, which was of course much to Pierre's chagrin.These photos show Homer discovering a catnip toy. (I usually don't give catnip to kittens, for the same reason you don't give booze to kids. But Homer handled it.)


Sara said...

I love his coloring - it's so pretty! Seems like a happy little boy :)

ArtTales said...

It looks to me like he is a Blue Ocicat.

He has the same pattern and eye coloring as my kitten Figgs. Ocicats are great cats to have!

Like Kittysville said...

Homer is just a plain grey tabby. But he hopes to play a blue ocicat on TV!