Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas riches

I'm so thankful this Christmas for my friend Delicia in Tennessee. In exchange for kitty beds, she let me have three rare rolls of gorgeous mod vintage drapery fabric. Below are those fabrics as beds.Since then, Delicia has generously given me more wonderful vintage fabrics for kitty beds. She too cares for homeless/abandoned cats -- the photo below shows her ingenious "Tennessee deck house," a storage bin-within-a-bin that keeps stray kitties warm and dry. She says, "Any benefits of the fabric I send can be used to spay/neuter/shelter or feed the felines."


Linda Everett said...

That box shelter is such an excellent idea! We have a feral (or "guest" cat) called Shadow who comes for food, but won't come inside. I think I will make him a box house for our deck - he may take to it. Looks comfy. Is it actually a small box in a large box? I guess that might provide some insulation. By the way, your cat beds are fabulous. Just read your Etsy feature. You are a good person.

GeorgiaPeachez said...

Those fabrics are so fabulous and they make the perfect beds too. xo, suzy