Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Puppy the Muppet

Linus (Puppy) wants to be Oscar the Grouch for Halloween. It's the opposite of his real personality. He loves everybody and everykitty.

Puppy's health condition of stomatitis (chronic mouth ulcers) is getting worse. Monthly steroid shots are the only known treatment, and they've stopped helping. Though he can't eat normally and has lost a lot of weight, he can eat soft food that's pureed until liquid. He doesn't like kitten replacement milk or CatSure, but my other cats are more than happy to drink up Puppy's rejects.


hoong said...

I had 3 cats that had cancer under the tongs. I used to feed them by hand.

Use syringe and dripple the food (puree) on the tongue. Perhaps that helps. I also make thick chicken or pork broth with carrots. My cats liked them.

Good luck.

Everycat said...

Poor Puppy, stomatitis is just awful. If your vet recommends it (ours did) then do consider having his teeth out, our eldest cat had this condition, and thrived once the teeth came out - she eats wet food happily and soon got her condition and weight back once the teeth were out. Like with Puppy the steroids eventually stopped working. We've done the same with Gerry, who had the worst calici mouth the vets had ever seen, again, once the teeth were all out, no more problems.