Sunday, October 11, 2009

Misterpants and Sisterpants

Feral tabby kitten Francine is finally a housecat!With the suddenness of winter (39 degrees here last night), I have worried about Pierre's sister Francine. In the past few weeks she has started letting me pet her while giving her treats. Outside today while she was lapping her dish of lactose-free milk, I impulsively grabbed her with her dish and hurried into the house. She freaked out but didn't scratch me. I plopped down in the living room floor with Francine in my lap, and she huddled there, stress-purring loudly for a long time, then relaxed a bit and finished her milk. Finally Pierre came in, and when Francine saw him she stepped out of my lap and rubbed lovingly on him. I hopped up and closed the kitty door to keep her in, while Francine meandered around the house, following Pierre's lead. An hour or two later I got these photos of the brother-sister duo on the bed.

I have such a Christmasy feeling now that this Francie care package has arrived! Big Daddy Alvin looks on, perhaps dimly aware that those two kids are likely his offspring.

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Everycat said...

That was a slick bit of trapping! Well done, so much warmer for kitties inside mmmmm!