Saturday, May 2, 2009

All aboard the Mayflower

We're about to plant the flag and proclaim ourselves a feral cat colony.

I finally connected with my local Humane Society maven of feral cat rescue -- a remarkable, inspiring woman devoted to educating the public about feral cats as urban wildlife. In the next few days I'll be registering with the city as a feral colony and will make it my job to trap and neuter every feral I feed in my yard.

Here are ferals Gus and Bruce lounging in the back yard. Gus is a charter member of our colony -- he's a gorgeous dark tabby with white feet. I trapped and neutered Gus several years ago, the same time as Puppy (Linus), but adorable Gus has never become tame.

Bruce is my generic name for the many light tabby males I feed. (They all look like Keenan but are husky wrestler-types, not lanky cowboys.) I'm not sure which Bruce this is in the photo, but he's a cinch to be a loverboy once he's neutered.

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madison house designs said...

I think it's wonderful what you're doing to help these cats. Many people wouldn't give them a second thought, so I really admire you for your work with them.

I'm a cat person (and dog person) and I always enjoy your blog! I actually nominated you for a blog award. (If you want to check it out on my blog... ) One of these days I'm going to get my kitties (Lucy & Zoey) a couple of your awesome beds!

Thanks for what you do!