Sunday, April 5, 2009

A kitty named Puppy

Linus is his real name. But he answers to Puppy, Pup Tart, Dr. Pupper, Jiffy Pup, Pupsicle, Mary Puppins, Pup Pup Cheerios, Pup Tent, Pup Squeak, Pupto Bismol, Pup Boys or Puppy Chow.

If you loved playing with a baby doll as a child -- that's what Puppy is like. He cuddles in your arms like a dream-infant. That's all he ever wants to do. Just cuddle and love.

You'd never know this 4-year-old former feral is FIV-positive (a weak immune system). He's not immune to Puppy Love.


Catalina said...

Aawwww looks a lot like my cat Sauron!

Twinkle said...

Awww! We have an FIV+ kitty, Dave, and I'm hoping to adopt another so Dave will have a playmate.

Loving "Mary Puppins" as well as all the other names!